Muffler Days -- for LD, just in case she is looking

Written by: Dort James

you are in				                                                                your car
you’re						                 Mrs Albert Camus
taking							               that last
train ride he never	                                                                                                     took
an envelope	                                                                             steering about your
jiggering fingers						    hesitant scared
of being committed						            to the mail
you’re the muffler guy			                         driving your mudmade
stationwagon					                   with backbigend
dragging						               like a pensionedoff
bellydancer’s rump				              with rhinestone shale of cirro
cumulus dustcloud dirt				 roads selling wormy turnips
to						             anyone who’ll listen
mouthing					               mail chute an abyss a sound
a leap of faith			                              an absurd essay for meaning
so	                                                                                                                   u turn
& turn again about &	                                                                           she’s gone
surely as if it were she                                                      lost to some random automobile
and not you					                     to the attempt