I can see it Now

Written by: Marianne Nolido

After a long day, I'm walking alone in this alley,
I saw you, you smiled, you look good even if your hair looks messy.
right then & there, we met.
Just the perfect timing, the date & time was set.

And here we are today on our first date,
holding hands, talking and laughing, this is definitely fate.
months passed, & I've fallen deep.
you whispered "Our love is what I'll keep".

One rainy afternoon,we kissed.
It's a moment I don't wanna miss.
like a three yrs. old I shouted "take me away."
after the rain,comes a rainbow & you said "wait & stay."

a year has passed and we've been through a lot lately.
I can see it now, you & me in eternity.
will it be possible to be w/ you as long as I want to?
nothing last? then what should I believe into?

You called me one weary night,
you said "Don't give up on me, be w/ me tonight."
I looked outside the window & I saw you waiting,
I ran downstairs, it was what I was hoping.

 It's 10pm, we're walking in the streets, It's just you & me.
you grabbed my hand & said "close your eyes & count 1-3."
"one,two,three.." & I saw fireworks in the sky.
I hugged him & whispered "I want to fly."

He just smiled, knelt & asked "Will you marry me?"
I said "YEAH,only if you FLY w/ ME." =)
I can see it now, my future w/ you.
knowing you'll be around, I won't feel blue.