The Secret

Written by: Margaret Foster

The Secret (reposted)

“Don’t tell don’t tell.” she begged of me, with pleading in her eyes
And though I knew I really should. I listened to her cries.
We were only twelve-years-old; our lives were much the same
And I swore to keep her secret, like some exciting game.
In the weeks that followed this knowledge gave me fear
Still, her trust in me was total and I held that very dear
My mother sensed my worry and asked if all was well
But the secret that I carried was never mine to tell
So mum took me in her arms, she didn’t shout or scold
She said that I was burdened and the secret must be told
Then, feeling like a traitor.....*
 I reported all I knew
And from my quiet whispered words a dreadful conflict grew
The police they were informed and the perpetrator caught
A father went to prison. His poor family was distraught
My once best friend now hated me. I’d shown the world her shame
My words had wrecked her family and to me she handed blame
She grew up hard and bitter and I wonder to this day
When I see her in the shopping mall and she turns her face away
Was I right or was I wrong when our friendship I betrayed?
I’ll never know the answer but I know the price we paid.

*( Gareth James' contest--leave me hanging.  19th April 2010)

Reposted complete 25th October 2011