Written by: Terrell Martin

Destiny is a curious word
Not uttered much these days;
Being far too immaterial  
To capture, measure or weigh.  Illusive 
As the day is long and fickle 
As the wind; destiny’s a kind
Of place we all pray we find within.  
The journey we start when life is new 
And time’s less closely kept;
The older one grows the more one knows
Destiny’s made step by step.
For better or worse, blessing or curse; heaven,
Hell and in between.  Each twist and turn,
May leave us burned, building bridges 
Or dreaming dreams.
Struggling and striving on the way to arriving 
To a location yet unknown; destiny  
Is what you do and who you are 
When the seeds once planted have grown.
From hard work and labor,
Helping good friends and neighbors, 
While following an unchartered course;
Down a road ever winding 
Where you know that you’re finding sweet
Destiny, your own inner voice.