Thoughts are No Less Things

Written by: Terrell Martin

Wandering Through an art gallery I couldn’t help but wonder where The ocean of artistic ideas may be found. Down Deep inside our brains where cells contain the seeds Of every memory, emotion and intelligence lying scattered All ‘round. Later I dreamed that things were not quite as they so very Often precisely appear. Angels danced while we romanced like we were Making immortal love right here. Intertwined and intermingled, interconnected Separateness turned single. Leaving me and you somewhere reaching the outer Limits Of space between your mind and mine and a concept we call time. Reeling and Dealing In the perplexities of where thought originates, I was left concluding nothing more Or less than Consciousness as the Ultimate Intangible Underlying Everything From soup to nuts and saints to stars leading me to believe in Thoughts No less things than birds with wings and songs to sing As close as you and I are near enough to Far.