Prepare for Battle

Written by: Robert Dixon

It is time for me to write
about the pending fight.
It will be such a sight,
an afternoon delight.

For one has seen the knight,
Who fights for all things right.
A single Hawk takes flight,
Soaring like a kite.

So you should seek the light,
and veer away from night.
The things that end in spite,
Are no teller of our might.

As the hawk hits the height,
A shadow causing fright.
Warns us of our plight,
Our life is too contrite.

The demon burns so bright,
and enters the match-site.
A sight that'd make you bite,
and clench your hands up tight.

They fought and did excite
The fans who weren't polite,
The knight it was his rite
of passage home tonight.

Robert Dixon
This is harder than it looks!  Let me know what you think.