Written by: Ivy Cabunilas

I never thought I will feel this way;
I thought I'll be forever gay.
It never comes into my mind this time will come;
Now wishing for this emptiness will soon be gone.

Loving you isn't so easy;
Specially when you said you're nobody.
But I chose to be with you no matter what;
Because it's only you I love and what I want.

I can't believe that you are gone now;
Still wishing you will be back somehow.
You were once my friend and my lover;
Still wishing we'll be back together.

Reality hits me over and over;
That there's no such thing as forever.
But i'm still thinking about you each day;
And I want to be with you someday.

Now it's time for me to say goodbye;
I know this loneliness surely will pass by.
Hope this will soon be over; 
Time to say goodbye to you my friend and my lover.