Written by: heidi digman

you hold me tight
even when we are in a fight
you feel my tears
even when your not near
even though we are miles apart 
you will always be in my heart
you have always been there
you made everything so clear
when everything seems so bad
im so glad
that your my best friend
and that is something that will never end
you hold my hand
you understand
no one can replace you
no one does what you do
when i feel like im gonna fall
you make me stand tall
when my heart is tore
when i don't think i can take anymore
your there for me
in everyway you could be
im there for you too

because thats what best freinds do
i can never tell you how much i love you
because that would take forever to do
yes we have has our share of fights
but that made us tight
we have known each other a long time
you will always be in my mind
i know we have to say goodbye
and i admit that makes me wanna cry
we will never be a broken memorey
you and me
best friends till the end
so from now on when im havin doubt
all i have to thing about
is my best friend!!!!