Written by: James Chenevert

The season will come , the seasons will go.
But through the changes, there is one thing you should know.
As the seasons change from Spring to Summer,
Fall to Winter snow, 
my heart will be with you, wherever you may go.
Your joy will be my joy, your sorrow also mine.
Your smiles and happiness, hopefully,in time.
Although I can't be with you to share these moments,
that quickly pass us by.
There will be a bond of love and togetherness,
like the stars to the sky.
The stars will be our eyes, the sun, my ray of hope.
The moon, a romantic dream, of which upon,
our cloud, we will softly float.
You will live your life, I will live mine.
But we will never be apart or seperated,
by people, space or time.
For time is but a moment, that leaves precious memories,
to those that really care.
The things that I think,
we may have found together, are ours,
yours and mine alone.
Like the poems I have written, we so secretly share.