I have mixed you my mind

Written by: john bernard

If I was  recessed
Would I be depressed
If I was so brave
Would I be concave

Time with my boo
Having tea for two
May just create three
For the family tree

I eat an apple a day
To keep the doctor away
If you want to stay healthy
You will have to eat wealthy

If you don’t tell the truth
Then your bull may be full
Its not just the youth
But even the old bull

Random in thinking
Varied in thought 
What was I drinking
And what have I bought 

My nose had been running
And my feet had been smelling
How backwards I’m gunning
That starts me to yelling

Borne of the air
That sets me to flight
Scorn of the chair
That sets me to fight

Gathered my marbles
To lose them again
And everything garbles
I never know when

Buried my thoughts
So deep they are gone
I cant find the spots
Where everything shone

Pulled on my drawers
To put on my clothes
Did all the chores
Am left with no woes

I’ve mixed you my mind
But what did you see
You can’t be so blind
That you could not see