Far Dorocha

Written by: Margaret Foster

The dark man rides throughout the land,
true servant of his Queen;
and follows he, her stern command,
to fetch the sweetest seen.

He never speaks, this silent man.
His gaze is straight ahead.
But mortals understand his plan,
and let themselves be led.

The dark man he will play his part.
He’ll whisk them clean away.
Tho’ if the Queen feels kind of heart,
they’re home again next day. 

But woe betide the ones who speak
of such a fairy game.
The dark man once again will seek
to blind, strike dumb or maim.

Then as the hallowed e’en draws nigh,
let mortals all beware:
When witches ride the midnight sky,
the dark man will be there.

October 12th 2011
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