Twisted Sister

Written by: Michelle Beck

Twisted Sister

There is no treaty between my heart and head,
Mortal enemies till the end of time,
I can hear the voices chant,
Oh Twisted Sister, knelt at her shrine.

Could the world really be this cold?
The question goes around in my mind.
They chant, the world is beautiful and calm,
On Twisted Sister it is you - who is unkind.

Every other person singing in harmony,
At their happy lives,
Yet they still have time to whisper,
Oh Twisted Sister, on her bed of knives.

My secret desires, despised by the cynics,
Unbearable contractions in my needs,
They know this, yet they chant
Oh Twisted Sister it is you, who is consumed with greed.

Judge those as you judge yourself,
They read my thoughts as if they are their own,
All this they know, still they chant
Oh Twisted Sister, back again to take thy throne.

My soul exposed for all to see,
Wash away the evil that embodies me,
The watch in silence, no words,
Oh Twisted Sister, at last you are free.