The Price of a Book

Written by: Terrell Martin

While taking stock of the library 
Here in my home today, I found myself
Considering all the pages throughout the years 
For which I’ve dearly paid.  Voluminous 
Paragraphs, chapters and verses from 
Adam and Eve to Zen like prayers;
Trying to count the cost of so many books
Makes me wonder why I care.  About
Astronomy and astrology, connections 
Between all things; cosmology, 
Biology, psychology and dreams. 
Alchemy and metaphysics,   
Landing on the moon; 
Plato and Pythagoras, 
The Wizard of Oz and Dorothy flying   
Back home in a balloon.  Still turning 
Pages of ancient history, Egyptology,
Mythology and man’s search 
For meaning within;
Aristotle, Shakespeare, Newton, Einstein wondering 
What’s the secret to the universe and how 
Did it begin?  
Quantum physics, alien visits,
Lost without a clue;
Plants and flowers, greed and power
And why the sky is blue.  Light and darkness,
Love and hate,
The Crusades and other wars;
The vanity and insanity of
Whatever we’re fighting for.  Still more
Encyclopedias left to read before I’m through,
Having hardly skimmed the surface of what 
Good books are meant to do.  
If we take the time to sift and find
The nuggets of treasure within;
The price of a book can be priceless 
And make a head and brain like supernova stars
Splendiferously spin.