Remembering 911 10 Year Later


On 9/11 god turned on all the light in heaven.
Some love one’s were lost; some love one’s
were found; but the memory of  9/11 will
always be around. I remember the sound; when 
the World Trade Center fell to the ground. All
those people running around; All those people
 looking for safe ground. All I could hear was
 those last minute prayers; All I could hear is
everyone wishing that god was there. ( The fear
 of 9/11 makes me think of all those angles in
 heaven).  If we put our trust into gods hands;
 He will bless all the people in the promise land.
 We will always remember 9/11 when god turned
 off all the lights in heaven; sleep angels and be 
at peace in gods holy sleep.

By: Sonya Arrington