Written by: Swairik Das

I wonder the words to pen here,
Once I said you those three words
And you assayed a story thereafter.
Few letters were found brushed off
Few were found bedded with dusts
Leaving rest of the pages tore apart
Where the letters within... were lost somewhere.
Thenceforth I sought to pen few new stories
I found those same letters were repeated 
From the unsanded story ...
That we once secured to write together.
Yet I tried to perceive few fresh letters
ANd there I was perplexed
When those letters synonymised
The letters...those were lost somewhere
When the pages of the unsanded story were tore apart.
Once I tried to pen the same old story
But thence you already composed one of yours''
And thereafter I left it incomplete
Yet penning it with few scattered letters
And mindless words.
You seemed to pen yours" with melodic words
And I lamented mine,
You were blessed to revive with a new life
And I was cursed
Still searching for those letters...lost somewhere.
Yet I pray to be blessed with those letters
So that I can pen it again...
I just need to find out those same old letters
But here I need you 
So that I can assay the same story hereafter.