Her Arrival

Written by: awoh kingsley awoh

The rains began 
As the mighty wind waned
A urge flows through my heart 
The hat of my heart took a bow
As tears welled up 
Fingers shivering
Figures aloof
All alone I walk through the path
Not the part of darkness
But the part of love and hope
But my heart is heavy
As heavy as the universe
Heavy of the anxieties of life
Anxieties waxed in the uncertainty of life
I stooped by the sea shore
As my tears filled the oceans
I kept waiting and wailing
Waiting for her arrival
Has she gone?
To where?
My imaginations spread like the blue sea
But deep down a hope spur,
Like the Pandora box
Only hope was left, when the demons flew.
Through dawn and dusk I kept hoping
Hoping for her arrival
The rain began again
Yet still I kept waiting
Only to be drowned by the waters
The lightning stood straight in the sky
Suddenly I woke up, only to see her by my side smiling, 

awoh awoh