Am I a mess

Written by: john bernard

I do digress
Am I a mess
I must confess
So much duress
Sometimes suppress
I must profess
Take no bs
And will outguess
How hard to press
It will transgress
When I regress
I do depress
My minds undress
That my willingness
Is the forgiveness
Of my hopelessness
If I impress
Will I egress
Or to ingress
How do I guess
The move in chess
Will I say yes
Or what to bless
And to process
My own distress
Do I oppress
Or use finesse
Should I caress
Maybe to assess
And to access
The true bareness
With my princess
In her nightdress
She does possess
A true largesse
She is noblesse
A son named jess
In her sundress
A true success
Almost fluoresce
I won’t compress
How she does dress
Or set her tress
Does so impress
Do I obsess
Wear my headdress
Also wardress
Will I progress
In my broadness
Used my clothespress
Tried a winepress
Then to repress
Had to redress
Ate watercress
Changed a shirtdress
I am no less
I will express
Not to excess
Won’t do unless
Drain the abscess
To what address
I will egress
At my recess
I have no stress