Prisoner's Diary

Written by: Joseph Osita

Here, in a boredom of my 
broken heart, I dwell
Shrouded with grief as 
time stands still in my cell.
Staring blank walls as 
heavy-feet days go bye.
In the dark chamber of 
my thoughts, I still feel I 
will die

Here, where haunting 
silent champions my 
broken soul
And imaginations of my 
freedom dare not console
I shall stay, forever 
haunted by thoughts of 
my innocence
As my captor's death 
chains grow more dense

Here, in death's ocean of 
nightmare I am laid,
Breathing with despair, 
the death's choice of the 
year they said.
How I wish the truth is 
like a blazing sun, 
My captors would know 
I am an innocent one

Here, where dark ceilings 
dare not communicate
I have nurtured a double 
decade brought by hate.
As stories of crime I did 
not commit perch on 
national dailies
The pulse of my heart 
shrinks on daily basis