Right side of wrong

Written by: Timmie Kreth

Struggling to stay, on both of his feet. He staggers across, the dark empty street.
Crossing the threashold, of a wide open door. Right there he collapses, and falls to the floor.
Seeing the blood, on his hands and the rug. He smiles and whispers, "I've found my new drug.
It lies dead on the street, in the man I defeated. Who's cruelty and sins, will no more be repeated!".
What a rush of adrenaline, shot through his veins. As the hate and the anger, ran round in his brain.
For the man that I killed, was a very bad man. And I'm not ashamed, of this blood on my hands.
I will stand before, my maker and say. "Lord you hath given. And I took away"

I used my free agency, he surely used his. But the young girl he destroyed, did not deserve this.
Now justice will be swift, and will come without mercy. And the world will one day, eventually thank me.
For life is a story, often too hard to tell. Twisting and turning, down spiralling toward hell.

With one saving grace, from the heavens above. There are some dirty deeds, you can't do with love.

To punish the evil, with a power divine. You have your opinions, but yours are not mine.
For I don't "fear" God, the way you all do. I'm not a bad man, I know this is true.
I walk a thin line, between righteous and evil. But he is the one, who gave me my free will.
I'll continue to persue, my enemies great. And do all that I can, to put an end to their hate.
In the eyes of the passive, too many rules do I bend. But at the end of this life, I know God's still my friend!