The Storyteller

Written by: Meagan Yet Foy

I can not trust myself anymore
Ever since you left, walked out the door
It's like I'm stuck, suspended in air
Numb from the pain, fighting back the fear
Every breath I take is agony
Without you it's so hard to be
I'm so lost, don't know what path to take
I must break free, for my soul's sake
My life has become one big mess
The choices are hard, I always second guess

I am a storyteller, a weaver of words
But why is it so hard to make my life work?
My story is sad, its a tragedy
Why can't my ending be happy?
Stuck in a cycle, a vicious loop
This is as low as I will stoop

I am strong and I am incredible
If you never saw than you are a fool
I am worthy of being loved too
I guess my love was just too big for you
Unconditional and loyal to a fault
As hot and fierce as a lightening bolt

I am still a storyteller, so I will weave my words
And from now on my story shall be worth all my work

Written on the 20th of October 2010 whilst suffering from a broken heart