Dedicated to my Mother

Written by: James Chenevert

Fly free Little Dove, fly free.
Your journey on earth has ended,
as you were destined to be.
You've carried your cross, with many more burdens,
then just the one.
You're tired, it's time to sleep.
We will try our best not to weep.
There are good memories along with the bad,
You raised your children,
giving it the best with what you had.
At time, you were a mother,
but more so, a friend in our life.
You never really asked for much,
just to be happy over the heartaches and strife.
You stayed with your children,
whenever they seemed to stray.
And when you were needed, you were never far away.
Your sacrifices were many, your rewards;
so far in between.
You deserved better then what you had,
for you were a queen.
What you left is; "Proud Children"
that truely loved you so.
They will always be with you, wherever you go.
Your rewards are in heaven. so much more then you dream.
As a mother, you made our life more then supreme.
Your leaving was something just meant to be.
We love you Mom, "Fly free Little Dove, fly free.