Written by: Carolyn Dye

We were the raise and fall.we as the mothers of the earth have done it all. Creators by nature, fighters by instincts. Women have sowed the land and plowed the fields. We borne childern and prepared our man's meals. Queen is what we were known before the masters stripped us from the valleys. Our breed moved on despite the wrong done us. Queen young and old live to tell the story. Queen shed blood to birth a nation. Queen cried tears to free her brothers and sisters from bondage. Yet from time to time queen shows fear for what the world has become without her guidence. Brothers killing brothers, fathers raping daughters. Mothers dying from a disease with a small name. Queen sits on her thrown head hung low. For sometimes she believes our people have no hope. Queen I say unto you our tribe shall conquer death and destruction. Queen mother of the earth, time and space. We'll take off the shackles and live once more through your grace. God bless you, My sister, my queen.