Holy Healing Persistence

Written by: melissa mesch

My material body fills with light;
A vibratory celebration into a newfound birthright.
A power of wisdom and maturity is present.

Opening one-thousand eyes in which I have secretly peeked
At the impressive ability 
I no longer seek.

Alive vital view of expansion and love,
I am here now sent from a counsel above.
I have brought a gift for countless to receive.
Hear me, feel me, know me.
For I am the essence of eternity.

Look at me and know yourself.
For you lie within me as well.
I bring this healing forth to you to unite our 
Universal love that is infinitely True. 
You are the light of awareness and Truth.
Falter not and devotion sustained.
We are all linked as an omnipresent chain.

We waiver not in earnest practice. 
Align thyself with holy healing persistence…