who would have thought

Written by: katie livingston

who would have thought 
in the end
id end up like this
torn apart 
thrown away
in a mess like this
all i want 
is to know
that my voice is heard
what i want 
is to feel 
like theyre not just words
because i have something more to say
i have something more...
i cant stop it now
im the girl 
in the hall
that you think you know
in the end
you will see
that its not just a show
maybe then
you will hear 
what i have to say
i have a voice
i have a gift
i have the words
lets get on with this
i have to try 
nothing to lose
the time is now
its time to chose...
why exist when you can live
why take when you can give
there are people out there
and they dont know
so raise your voice and let it go
show the world whats really there
its time we show how much we care