As I opened the door

Written by: Emma Buckeridge

As I opened the door to the strangest of rooms
There stood a silhouette of a man in the gloom

I started to ponder upon this eerie sight 
Began to see features, eyes used to the light

He seemed to be made of just skin and bone
And towering over me, so I gulp and groan

As he leaned in closer I noticed his eyes
Darker than the room in which he hides

The expression on his crooked face
Was something from another place

He had such a mysterious daze
Kind of hypnotic, could not run away

Out reached a hand and placed on my shoulder
I gave out a scream, the evening felt colder

Then I noticed how he was dressed
Up to the nines, who's he trying to impress?

Not me! Said I, as I slammed the door quickly
Then fell to the floor, out of bed in a jiffy.

With sweat pouring, heart beating fast, it seemed
Twas all just a nightmare, a very bad dream!