The Star

Written by: Peter Edoziem

Risen from the blues of gloom,
The indicator of glorious boom.
Made of sterner stuff and
Seen only by eyes divined.
From the East appeared once,
All focus attracted of the wise ones.

The way rigorous and distant,
Unimaginable for weak stance.
The willing heart of flesh
Unveils the power afresh.
That which must be done,
Needs not be allowed be gone,
All the way followed by men adorned.

Can it be true of one and of others?
That a star once seen and 
Followed by men,
Can again be seen and
Followed by other men.
Once it shines and is spotted,
Providence will convey men of honour,
Who, duty-bound, must pay homage.

For every generation there is,
And strive as it does,
Darkness hides him not.
Dark-hearted men merge,
Weapons at heart ready to strike.
But he shines forth with vigour,
Bestriding the globe like a new

The Leading Star!

Peter Edoziem