Written by: Nomthandazo Tsembeni

As i cause conflict
between pen and paper,
my mind takes a journey, 
going back to the how
we used to be.

Tears are instantly 
from my eyes.
Memories stored in my 
mind arise. 

Hidden secrets of my 
fear becomes exposed,
i scratch my old wounds 
hoping to see blood.

Blood which symbolizes 
shall my wound be noted
when i become pale?

Invisible wound neglected
for it can't be seen with
the naked eye.
Invisible wound rejected,
because no doctor is  
qualified enough
to heal it.

How long shall i remain
with a wounded soul?
How long will i que up to 
see a surgeon to take my 
beyond repair heart out
and give me a new heart,

A heart capable of 
trusting again,
a heart able to love 
unconditionally again.  
A heart that will pump 
blood and not pain.
A heart that will beat 
and not fear to love.

This wound bleeds 
internally and everytime i 
try to forget about its 
i wish i could just see it,
because this invisible 
wound will have me 
thrown in a deep pit