Please Help the Guisers

Written by: Margaret Foster

A knock, knock, knocking at my door ‘Who’s there?‘ I cried pretending fear ‘We are the guisers in disguise, open the door my dear.’ ‘Why do you come?’ I ask of them, as if I am in fright. To protect you from the ghostly folk who are abroad tonight.’ We come as friends, as you will see, with cans of blazing fire at our wild singing they will flee, but payment we require ‘And what, I pray, is the price to pay for me to hear your song.’ ‘An apple, orange, some sweeties please, or a coin won’t go wrong.’ I opened the door and there they were, the three little girls from up the stair. All dolled up in their mothers clothes, bright red lips, and soot on their nose ‘Welcome my dears, and come along in, and let your magic song begin.’
Contest: Halloween Fun Sponsor: Russell Sivey Margaret Foster Sept 26th 2011 ‘see about poem’