Number One Dad

Written by: Patricia Opel Jaye

You are the best dad this girl ever had
you was there for me through thick and thin
as everyday begin you would greet me 

with a smile so bright you always tucked 
me in and say good night no problem was
ever too big for you to deal with you kept me calm

you kept me still as we got through it I brag
about you to my friends telling them how 
good you are to me no matter how tough

things got no matter how high the bills got
you never walked out I always felt safe with
you now that your life here with us is over

just the thought of that just the thought of
you makes me cry all day daddy I miss you
you are the greatest father in the world the 

greatest man in my lilfe from the bottom of
my heart I love you I write you this Happy Father's Day
card unitl we meet in heaven Happy Father's Day

I dedicate this poem to my beloved father the 
late Hunter Reid Sr.