Lost One

Written by: kelvin omar

I'm so sorry we never met
Hi my name's Kelvin I'm in your debt
Hey you remind me of my dad
Quick question whats your favorite band?
I feel so distant yet so close
We walk but I feel like a load
Now we go our seperate ways
I don't see you for more than days
I grow up & start to change
Yet I'm stuck in the same old place
I start to hate the place I'm stuck
I feel like I'm out of luck
We see each other once again
Good to see you my old friend
You look so pale what is wrong?
I can tell the story is long
It's been a long time I see you
I can hardly believe its true
Even tho your pale your eyes still glow
I envy how easy your life goes
I can see your in alot of pain
Yet theres a smile across your face
Once again we have to leave
Seeing you makes me feel peace
We've seen each other in few occations
You've shown me diffirent places
You know ma compared me to you
Everyone says were the same me & you
Today grandma hugged me so tight
I think she might have started to cry
Its hard sometimes
To look pass all the lies
But I envy your smile so carefree 
That still say you can lean on me
I get up on July the fourth
And ma opens wide the door
They told me you passed away
When I saw you, you didn't seem the same
Your eyes were closed but looked at peace
I cry cause its so hard to believe
All I ask is that I may inherent your smile & glow
So I may live, laugh,and grow