Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

" Revenant " In direction unforeseen yet then 'nother am I drifted~ Winds have their way & through my whims have thus sifted~ Yet oft have been waves of similar significance~ Which may have been received with much less cognizance~ ‘Tis said now & agin' were a man a bit more old~ Those truths which he ushered forth might not be so bold~ Were now I to be one o'the wiser & thusly called sages~ Methinks I'd be a'lookin' far far back through familiar ages~ Mebbe to those times of youth & greater glee~ Mebbe along those lines of women set so free~ Mebbe I'd look agin' & in so doin' so see~ Truth were so simply there right inside o'me~ ‘Twere thoughts o'the mermaids all was it were~ If'n battles so waged created in mind still a stir~ I'd be a'not so a writin' this here little rime~ Nor fer certain would it be now not about time~ Nay say I naught ever dids't methinks~ Wherever whenever I took all me drinks~ ‘Twere it so written in those stars way aloft~ Fer me to have grown old & verily so soft~ Fire dids't I breathe fer so so many o'those years~ Darin' & dancin' fer never a'knowin' such fears~ Damn'd so now to be found such a'thinkin'~ Lookin' yet agin' fer all maids to be a'winkin~ ‘Tis silly methinks I've grown through these times~ So silly that methinks most always in such rimes~ Yet therein lies such question as to m'self must I ask~ ‘Twas wha'for such a reason ye've taken yerself to task~ Aaaarrrrgh! Revenant! Thus I rumble from a'deep~ Awakenin' me ownself from greatest o'sleep~ ‘Tis questions which do so bother me now all a'bluster~ ‘Tis sense so common I'm a findin' hard to a'muster~ Answer me now those of ye in the know~ When where & wha'for does this wind now so blow~ I'm fer certain left with not any reasonable quip~ To any I'd be grateful fer any such a tip~ Nay nay now belay that I've just asked of ye all~ Fer were it fer certain time 'twouldn't be any such a ball~ Methinks I'll so settle back agin' in me familiar wild waves~ Takin' naught but those pleasures such as that which I craves! SeaWolf ©