'Tis Calm Methinks

Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

" 'Tis Calm Methinks " 'Tis calm methinks so thought doth do~ Has me to wonder what next o'this few~ Sails a'luff & seas thus abate~ 'Tis naught such as this 'twould e'er be me fate~ Wind! Wave! Tumult! Onslaught! Ye all ayre such as ne'er 'twere naught! Drat & Damn.... Avast yer great flee~ A'back ye must be so as to sail ag'in with me~ Fine say I .... I'll calm meself down~ Nay nor e'er shall I wear any frown~ Blow damn wind & me smile shall return~ Spin yer winds & make yer seas churn! Ahhhhh..... much bettter as I feel yer fine gust~ Fer such is that o'which have I so great lust~ Fly it on past me sprit & so then me rails~ Fer o'such is that which creates them great tales~ Blow! Blow! Blow ye damn wind~ Churn! Churn churn ye seas spin~ Yet be certain this time as ye run at that line~ To take me with ye for surely 'tis me time~ SeaWolf ©