Mom's Rime

Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

" Mom's Rime " Sailing across an ocean deep... those colours so all a'glitter~ I've found time is mine all away... if I so choose to fritter~ Thus now does tedium seep... of task so many and long~ 'Tis plentiful then this time I fancy... with which to think in song~ Rime becomes such music so... puts my mind at ease~ Thus in doing 'tis now I find... that it's me myself I please~ Oft be such.. time I'll find... these rimes do run together~ Magic thus now found aloft... Of birds all of a feather~ So now it is that this day so... has me with thought of another~ A day which has itself to say... a rime or song I'd ruther~ Where I sage or prophet thus... No reason to ask for clue~ I'd sail off... forget this thought... and pay the devil his due~ Yet rime that sings in mind this song... reminds me so of pleasure~ Only that which my youth did find... was so great and grand a treasure~ Were it not for age.. and wisdom thought... I'd not be thinkin' this way~ Nor would I know one treasure is naught... but about a Mother and her day~ For now I know those days were fine... and ever full of fun~ That were it not for her gentle laugh... and smile warm as sun~ I'd be not the sailor I am this day... nor would I be a man~ Was my Mom always up her sleeve... did have for me this plan~ So then it must be with gratitude... and a heart near soft as hers~ I say to all I've lived a ball... of times with no such measures~ By any standards other than those... for which my sweet Mom did live~ Her thoughts were always of direction pure... her desire to only give~ She sails now seas of harmony... where winds are warm and soft~ She's my Mom forever... so then in heart... my mind does feel her oft~ Warm words and songs of fancy sprung... so ever and always fun~ Truth be known now finally I'm grown... her treasure was just me her son~ SeaWolf ©