Moment o'Truth

Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

" Moment o'Truth " 'Tis now fer sure me sails are full... Me winds do blow and me tides so pull... Far far beyond vast continent's shore... Was there for me never anything more? Nay say I in moment o'truth... Even far back as I remember my youth... 'Twas ne'er no more than tumble o'sea... That which did so even then please me? Aye! then so say meownveryself... To whomightever shall listen if'n only an elf... For that sea she does call and oft to a'few... Whose dreams are of winds and skys o'bright blue. Her lyric is sweet her melody quite fine... As she tempts to lure me down her fine line... Once having done so her goal to fulfill... For now she has sailor a'sea with a will. SeaWolf ©