Milk and Bananas

Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

" Milk & Bananas " Hmmmmmmm~ Thought Tea ?? Does this blend require lemon a'plenty? Or shall it find lime more then amenable? Shall such cup as is drunk from thus be dainty? Or should we drink from whichever we find tenable? Har! Then say so meownself does now! Preferences bein' whot whot's they are~ Meself should find more goodly some cow~ Nay! Nay! Now not whot's bellied to some bar! Nor could be called the ear of some sow! 'Tis white & does float bananas so well~ Yet some oft sink 'gainst bottom o'bowl~ Circles do float & crunch fer a'while~ Me parrot so finds ways to beguile! Must be fast so says me~ 'Twere me breakfast 'twould be all a'done~ Nope do it seem whot's wagered or won~ Me damn bird 'as flown now flat free! Into that bowl a great then kersplash! Milk & bananas all over black beak~ 'Tis now meownself 'as been fox'd thus well~ Whot mess to clean shall require a week! Ok Ok like some fat cat then purred~~ Pour & hover & wave off damn bird~ Save me some you feath'ry thief~ Lest ye be marooned on yon lonely reef! Ne'er e'er win this battle shall I~ 'Gainst such creature of silvery sky~ SeaWolf