Mermaid's Song

Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

" Mermaids' Song " In a time & a land of coconuts & sand~ Were two whose love against odds did stand~ Windswept & with seas troubled at times~ Their love only to them seemed such the rime~ She was bold & brave so bound to be free~ He surely did love her as he sailed those seas~ Together & as one they so ventured wildly forth~ Oft times to warm south somedays cold north~ They laughed with the sun & danced to the moon~ All those around given great cause to swoon~ This then fer certain was love meant to be~ So these two together set sails with great glee~ Now there did come to him & as well to her~ A time not of pleasure but which to endure~ Winds did so calm & waves did abate~ Twas not by choice did then flow in such fate~ Yet this day may be heard in calms well offshore~ A song softly sung by those mermaids of yore~ Of these two spirits so then torn asunder~ Whose parting gave cause & reason to wonder~ Listen well up & carefully ye all~ Lest not ye come to same sort of fall~ Secret being in open mind & true heart~ Thus then forever ye'll not be set apart~ SeaWolf ©