Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

" Krewe " Them they whot sail ayre apt naught Bein' whot ayre so sailors once caught Agin a'so 'twere had them a choice Ne'er nay ne'er spaek so a'voice Ship's cat twere ne'er a'so well spent As at her ships lads naught o'moind bent Twas not for her cap'n a'doomed she'd be Deep down so her hulk a'bottom o'sea Nay naught ayre some twould be o'moind A'sayin' whot ain't whot's truest o'all No ship whot's a'sail in any seas foine Has krewe whot's got such unmittin' gall! Naught be a ship whot sails her helm Crost any sea nor through any realm Has at her helm all thems o'her decks Aye! fer surely she'd be soon a'wreck! SeaWolf ©