Keen To His Fate

Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

" Keen To His Fate " First & foremost with alacrity, One sailor sailed so o'er his sea. Winds a'fillin' canvas & seam, Great ship layin' o'er well on her beam. Thus began a journey so bold, Tales ayre told by young and old. O'seafarer man a'gone to such sea, What might come a'none could foresee. No soul aware nor had slightest o'clue, Where his course into what winds blew. Yet only this sailor was keen to his fate, For e'er had he thought that sea his mate. Sailed he so did for time long so gone, Sung ashore then of his journey was song. Oft such sad yet suddenly o'glee, For yet were those few a'ken o'his sea. 'Twas this sailor a man set forth, Into a sea furthest yet north. Into his tempest & a'welcome such gale, As naught had before heard such any tale...... SeaWolf ©