Written by: Robert Gresak

I recall a dawn of utter facination
the sky filled with a rich pigmentation,
the gently rolling ocean a burnished glass
with the sculptured waves reflecting
like polished brass.

The curving, glittering shore
called to me to explore -
I ran and leaped the frothing wavelets
and sang a joyful refrain to the sea.
Never before, never since, have I felt so free./

No others in all that shimmering expanse present,
alone was I with shining sea
and flame-shot sky,
alone, yet not alone
for with it all could I soul identify./

A solitary seagull appeared overhead
swooped down to accept some bread,
and a brief companionship we shared anon
then with a goodbye screech aloft he sprang
and was gone
and my eyes and heart followed him
into the rosy-hued distance aching with an unadulterated freedom.