Do you Dare

Written by: Ashley Plotczyk

Ontop of the biggest hill in all of Fredrick County 
hands popped out,
heads scattered, 
random bones would break 
your fall
This wasn't an ordinary mansion 
Not on Halloween night
Screams were heard 
right in your eardrum, 
behind you 
That creepy touch would 
up your spine, 
and that stare 
you couldn't see
but you feel those eyes glaring 
deep into your soul 
Taking you prisoner in the night
People didn't question, nor look 
to seek the answer 
to those boys and girls
who never returned,
were never seen,
were never talked about
after Halloween night 
To this day, only the brave 
dare go against this tale on Oct. 31st 
Once you enter those gates of hell 
There is no turning back 
The haunted mansion has you now 

Ashley Plotczyk
A Creepy, Scary Haunted House Poem