I Wish

Written by: Jimmy Anderson

I wish I had the right answer to every question.
I wish I could cure cancer by a mere suggestion.

I wish life was simple and not so complicated.
I wish I had a good wife and didn’t feel so alienated!

I wish racism didn’t exist; I wish we lived in a world of peace.
I wish women would not feel a man’s fist; I wish domestic violence would cease!

I wish there was no poverty; that everyone lived comfortably.
I wish everyone would be healthy-emotionally and physically-for eternity!

I wish no one experienced headaches; that genuine love would just spread.
I wish there were no earthquakes and no wars to cause bloodshed!

I wish Dr. King was alive; that he could see the first black President.
I wish the millions of Jews survived; that they’d not experienced such torment!

I wish everyone on earth, would one day make it to Heaven.
I wish all heroes would rebirth, including the victims of 9/11!