X only equals Y when the teacher aks Y

Written by: jeffry cohan


I’m doing better than when we were together
The universe has granted me delicate weather
Today I can laugh at the mistake you made
For  today  a thousand tomorrows I wouldn’t trade

Life is easier without the doubt of loving you
And it’s like my soul is hovering above the blue
Just like an angel with wings that never molt
And my body is always a safe distance from a lightening bolt

In the morning I awake with a smile because you left 
And to think others believed I’d be left bereft
But that’s because they didn’t know the you I knew
As my body is still hovering beyond the blue

So life for you can be rich but I don’t care
Because I  no longer have to suffer you being unfair 
You can be donning diamonds, mink and imported Italian leather
Because I’m doing better today then when we were together
         © 2010.…..free cee!