Summer Dies

Written by: Rick Rucker

Summer Dies By Rick Rucker I used to always curse my Fate, To live through the two seasons that I hate, Fall and Winter, my accursed foes, I am thoroughly frozen, head to toes, Summer dies, Fall is a-borning, Here I lie, this September morning, Shaking, under the covers, in my bed, Wondering if I will soon be dead, Will they find me, cold and blue? Solidly frozen, through and through? You may have heard about Southern California, But there is a secret, let me warn ya, Summer days are bright, and sunny, But Winter nights are not so funny, They can be bitterly cold, Something you may not have been told, People from other places do not know, That our temps can get so low, They think that we are all weak, and lazy, That we are all crazy, They do not know that we are tough, Life out here, can be rough! I am now fading fast, Fingers stiffening, I will not long last, How cold will it get? This seems the very coldest night yet, I look at the thermometer, no wonder I am done, A terrifying reading of SIXTY ONE!