Written by: awoh kingsley awoh

Untimely i joined

With a skull of ogor tied round my waist

I fooled myself round the furnace

Eyes wide closed with red scarlet yard

A purple sash at the center of head

Red candles

Guns and guts adjacent

A big bowl of blood beckons

As gluttons, we gulped it down

Lacerations on my skin

I screamed as a whore

A journey to become a man

The be fear and fierce 

As the drum pulsate

The dance began

We danced as though

The spirit fell on us as a dove

Perhaps it was another baptism

Baptism into occult

The moon stood straight

As my vigour vexed

Crickets mellowing

Owls descending

Bats battling

Heads swollen with clubs

Our hearts were seal with cruelty

In the zeal of that cruelty

We moved into Citadels 

We create chaos

We create death

If you think we are devils,

You are wrong

But we abode in hell

At dawn

We unleashed and lynched innocent lives

In our quest to be admire and be fame

Today,  before the crucifix i stood

Only that my soul may find rest

I have wrestled with fear and guilt

Only to be  pull into the doldrums of defeat.

In deed, my soul is restless until i find Jesus.