The Fairies In The Enchanted Garden

Written by: Pam Woolford

This is a story of the fairies so sweet that live and played in my garden so neat out of view from prying eyes they hide playing away they can't be seen by me or you as they frolic and dance all day in the sun picking pretty flowers all day one by one making posies to put in their silken hair to please the Queen of Fairies when she next visits for fun. It is a beautiful place full of wonderful things and it has pretty fairies with gossamer wings . The colors of these shine gold in the sun Everyone of these fairies sparkle flying around and look like sparking gems when they touch the ground. If you' re very quiet and don't make any noise at all then you might see the smallest fairies that live there Tinker Bell and Dew Drop cuddling up behind the tall wall. These little fairies are so scared of us all seeing them there They feel save in their homes here behind this big wall their away from big people because fairies are very small. They can feel protected as they try to stay safe and warm all cuddled up together trying to sleep safely behind their wall. No one even knows that they're homes are there hidden away So if you don't tell anyone that you know they dwell behind there they will live happily and peacefully without ever having a care. If you happen to see this big wall when you walk down the street Where these two little fairies live with the other fairies so cute. Try to remember not to make any loud sounds when you pass by because fairies scare easily and you might make the little ones cry. if you were sleeping and something scary went by,you would cry too. please if you're lucky enough to see Tinker Bell and Dew Drop there walk past softly because they might be asleep right then and don't make noises and wake them up as fairies like you need sleep too.