Written by: RIMA ANIL.NAIK

Relationships are so confusing, 
At times amusing ,at times depressing,
It is certainly not a piece of cake,
It does require a little give and take....

Attitude changes and wavelengths mismatch,
On the delicate heart, do certainly leave a scratch,
Reasons for such behaviour appear so mysterious,
The mind raises an alarm "this  matter is serious!"

"why does he do that, why does he say this?"
Oh this is certainly no quiz!
A patient ear and an open chat,
Is all it takes to bell the cat!

Take him to a cozy place,
Drop all issues in the charity case,
Just tell him how lovely as a person he is,
And how lucky you feel to be " sweet heart-his"

A feeling of importance , attach it to him,
Make him feel,the kids depend on him,
Let him speak, give him your patient ear,
Don't react on hearing some silly fear....

Let him discover his friend in you,
Not a boss who does the review!
Soon my dear, you will see,
The matter was as simple, as simple could be...

Small matters hurt the heart ,
Issues then surface like a flowchart,
A little time and a patient ear ...
Is all it takes to mend it ,  my dear!