Written by: Nancy Jones


hi hi What’s up? Nothin much. Whatcha been doin?
Ponderin. Whatchu been doin? Nuthin. Whatcha been pondering? Somethin exciting? Nah...samo samo...different day, random stuff. You ever hear of Fibonacci? Fibba what? Fibbanachi? Can’t say as I have. Sounds like one of those Italian light beers. Hey, ya remember when we drank that Dos Equis? You know what pal? You got a one track, beer, beer...all you ever think about! Sheesh! I said FIBONNACI! F I B O N N A C I ! I think drinking beer has softened your brain! FIBONNACI! The piano player!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nancy Jones and John Wulf for Tracie’s Mate/Collaborate contest