Philosophy Student

Written by: Erin Beckett

If I wander,
do I find something automatically?
And if I go far,
will it be something even better,
(brighter by the distance)
to light my way back?

I think I'll stick around for something closer,
and use it over and over.
(I think it's best to keep things simple)

And if I called it something
I knew was misleading,
(so it can be re-used)
then would I have been untrue 
to anything?

(A fool might call your lighted match,
the wavering flashlight look-alike thing,
but you'd probably know what he meant)

Is there a reason for telling anything like it is,
if most things hold the key to something else?

Some write their dreams.
Some think their dreams.
Some chase dreams forever,
and find out what they really are. 

But don't we all live
in a thing much like a dream?

Everything is.
Nothing isn't.
What's the distance between the difference?
And what's the problem if the distance is far?
Why go searching for it?

Some call it the problem of being,
the biggest riddle of all.
I call it something that bores me to hell,
so I'm going for something else.

So tell me what you love, 
(without the reasons for it)
and let the rhythm of everything
flow out in simple words,
while I pour us a nice cup of coffee.

This way, I can watch 
your passion grow like a dirty weed
clinging to life in a garden of roses,
or a candle illuminating an entire room 
from its small dark corner of the window.
A thing that's tangible.
I want to know it well.