Our Stars and Stripes

Written by: Connie Marcum Wong

Behold our waving flag and what it means.
Our young soldiers have fought and died for liberty.
When their remains are carried home across the seas
As loved ones mourn their loss it’s plain to see

The pride for these brave souls behind the tears.
Their flag covered coffin pays homage and respect
As a twenty one gun salute rings in our ears,
We know they fought and died for us, to protect

Our freedom with their great love for the U.S.A.
Too soon they are laid to rest within the ground.
With honor, the flag is folded and we say goodbye.
We bless their souls as they are heaven bound.

We’ll never forget the sacrifice they made.
The last image of the flag burned in our eyes,
With grateful hearts we pray they rest in peace
As our flag represents their glory in our skies.

©2011 Connie Marcum Wong

I thought I would post this poem in honor of Patriot Day.