In what do we trust in now

Written by: Leonard Taormina

Are you saying after I just spent over twenty dollars
On something that doesn’t work I can’t get my money back?
And my jaw is slacked open and it’s hard to believe;
And I’ve already paid them so I’m not going to leave
I’m calling the cops (I say) he says go wait in line”
And I really don’t care because this place is mine”
“I saw when you broke it and my wife will agree”
“And after they leave its then that we’ll see”
The smell in the room is foreign in seasonings;
And that may be the point of all of their reasoning’s.
So I pondered the question should I stand for my rights;
But sadly I know I really can’t fight.
So I left with a trinket but no money in hand;
And I felt like a victim of some master plan.